Black Cat Paper Plate: A Fun Craft to Make For Halloween!

Pacific Academy of San Francisco

If you’re looking for a spectacular craft that is simple to make for preschool students as well as kindergartners then this is the project for you! This craft is as fun to make as it is to show-off and it is sure to impress friends and other parents!

Check-out what these awesome kids did to make their cats at the Summer Camp of the Pacific Academy of San Francisco! As you can see they had a great time making their own black cat paper plates and every student put their own personal touch on it to make each cat uniquely theirs! This is without a doubt a stellar activity for all preschool students or kindergarten attendees who want to do something fun and creative!

Items Needed

  • 1 Small Paper Plate
  • 1 Large Paper Plate
  • Black Paint (non-toxic for safety)
  • 3 Sheets Construction Paper: Black, Green, Pink
  • Chenille Wire
  • A White Pen OR Coloring Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A Stapler

Black Cat Paper Plate

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Paint both paper plates black

2. Glue the small and large (now black) paper plates together, if it is easier you can use a stapler

3. Cut two small ovals form the green construction paper–these will be the cat’s eyes

4. Cut two large triangles out of the black construction paper as well as two smaller triangles out of the pink construction paper to make the cat ears

5. Cut another small triangle out of the pink construction paper–this will be the cat’s nose

6. Cut a bow-shape out of the pink or purple construction paper, your choice!

7. Cut two small leg-shapes out of the black construction paper to be the cat’s legs.

8. Cut a long tail out from the black construction paper–this will be your cat’s tail!

9. Glue all of the parts you cut-out (and the Chenille Wire as whiskers) to the plates or use a stapler if preferred. Don’t forget the paper bow!

10. Make a hole-punch at the top of your cat so you can easily hang it up on a bulletin board or by a door–you could also draw a wall to have the cat, “Sit,” on for an extra-creative Halloween Decoration!

Cat Paper Craft

Free printable templates

cat craft
cat craft

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