Black History Month-Themed Traffic Light Craft for Preschool Students

At the School for Amazing Kids in Helena, Alabama they were learning about Black History Month. As a part of Black History Month famous inventors who were African-American were discussed, with one important inventor being Garrett Morgan.

Mr. Morgan is famous for being a businessman, community leader, and the inventor of the traffic light. He also invented other items like the gas mask which has since saved countless lives. He had an incredible mind and to celebrate him and how important traffic lights are students did a traffic light craft!

Making a Traffic Light

To create their very own traffic lights in honor of Mr. Morgan’s invention the class used a piece of black construction paper as the, “Body,” of the traffic light and then glued pieces of red, yellow, and green construction paper put in a circular shape on it to serve as the traffic lights! The class had a great time making their own traffic lights and learning about Garrett Morgan.

School for Amazing Kids, Helena
Helena, AL, United States

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Author: .Evelyn Harris

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