Blue Collages Activity for the Letter B

.Sophia Williams
Blue Collages Activity for the Letter B

Blue Collages Activity for the Letter B

If you were to ask your students to name a color that starts with the letter B, chances are most would answer, "Blue!" 

At Happy Trails Childcare & Day Camp in Bohemia, New York, they made collages out of the color blue so that they could discuss the letter B as well as learn about how to make different shades of blue.

How to Do This Activity

All you need for this activity is blue paint, white paint, and black paint as well as brushes and paper to paint upon. Gather these materials.

Have students put the blue paint on the paper and ask them how light or dark it is, they will say it is not very light or dark.

Next, have students mix some of the white paint with the blue as well as some of the black paint. Discuss how putting in lighter paint makes the blue lighter and darker paint makes the blue darker.

Encourage students to experiment with making lighter-shades and darker-shades of blue.

When students are done with their individual pieces of paper put them all up together on a big bulletin board to form one big blue collage!

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Blue Collages Activity for the Letter B
September 24, 2019
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