Borax Ornaments in science

Fred Stewart
Borax Ornaments in science

My kids had fun making borax ornaments in our science class! This is such a simple process. The kids made a shape with a chenille stick, tie a string to their shape, put their name on a piece of masking tape on the opposite end of the string with their names

I used an electric tea kettle to boil water in my classroom; I love this tool because there are no cords attached when I pick up the kettle. Using a large beaker (1 L, I made a saturated solution of borax and boiling water (~1/2 C Borax).

The shapes were suspended in the solution by tying the string to a bamboo skewer. The skewer is placed across the top of the beaker.

It takes about 1 day for the crystallization process.

When the kids come in the next day, I have remove the ornaments from the solution.

Key points are:

The ornament should not touch the sides of the beaker

The ornaments should not touch each other or they will become joined by the crystals.

The kids hands need to be clean. If they have oil or lotions on their hands, the lotion may transfer to the chenille sticks and can interfere with crystallization.

Borax Ornaments in science
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Borax Ornaments in science
December 16, 2021
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