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Brown is the color of nature

Sandra Vagale
Brown is the color of nature

Getting to know the color brown for children is planned to get to know it through the colors found in nature - plants, soil and animals.

Brown is the color of nature

Children need learning through action and experience, including learning colors.

By experimenting, children learn that mixing all the colors together gives the color brown.

Many tree fruits are brown in color - cones, acorns, nuts. Brown of different shades, which is observed and seen when working with hands. Works with hands - with tweezers, spoon, hands.

Playing with animals and talking, answering questions. Get to know how different brown color is, how beautiful and useful it is. In this way, successful children memorize what is brown in the world. Children are told why animals in the forest have brown fur. The theme of the color brown is also integrated into mathematics, counting the fruits of the tree, drawing brown animals in the creative workshop and there are many other ideas that remain to be discovered and realized!

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Brown is the color of nature
February 26, 2023
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