Building Snowmen out of Snack Items

Building Snowmen out of Snack Items

Building Snowmen out of Snack Items

At The Toddler Club in Margate, Florida, they talked about snow and how people make snowmen out of snow! They didn't have snow in Florida, however, so instead, they made snowmen out of snack items. It is important to note these snack items WERE NOT eaten as some glue was used. The snack items were used as craft supplies and not ingested. Any leftover snacks that weren't used the children were welcome to eat, however.

Materials needed for the craft

To make your own snack snowman you will need the following:


*Large chocolate chips

*Mini chocolate chips

*Orange Tic-Tac



How to make the craft

To create your snack snowman you can follow these steps:

1. Take three marshmallows and glue them together, this will be the snowman's body and head.

2.Stick two pretzels into each side of the middle marshmallow, these are the snowman's arms.

3. Stick two pretzels out the bottom of the marshmallow, these are the snowman's legs.

3. Glue three or four (you choose) large chocolate chips from the bottom of the snowman up to the middle torso, these are his buttons.

4. Glue two small chocolate chips to the snowman's head, these are his eyes.

5. Glue the orange Tic-Tac to the snowman's head, this is his nose that looks like a carrot.

6. Wait for the glue to dry and show everyone your snowman!

Source for photos: The Toddler Club

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Building Snowmen out of Snack Items
February 22, 2021
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