Symmetrical Butterfly Painting for Kids

Symmetrical Butterfly Painting for Kids

Painting via ink blots is a very easy thing for young kids to do and a classic art technique for preschoolers.

At Lizzy’s Little Love Bugs (a Home Daycare and Preschool) they did ink blot painting and learned about symmetry as well by only painting one-half of the butterflies and then transferring it over to the other wing to make a cool symmetrical image! Toddlers and preschoolers love this process, and the results are incredibly beautiful–so gorgeous big kids love it too!

Lizzy’s Little Love Bugs Home Daycare and Preschool

Butterfly Painting for Kids

How to Do It

Have students take an empty butterfly image as shown and make sure one half of it is covered with a piece of scrap paper so as to prevent any paint going places besides the exposed half.

Students then put the paint on the half of the butterfly they are supposed to cover.

Once they are done painting half of the butterfly, and while the paint is still wet, have them fold the two halves of the butterfly together so that the paint is on both halves symmetrically.

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