Campfire Art for Springtime

Campfire Art for Springtime

Campfire Art for Springtime

They did campfire art at Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center! Everyone had so much fun taking crepe paper and gluing it on top of brown construction paper that was mounted on blue construction paper to create a beautiful nighttime campfire scene. It was a great way to celebrate how everyone will be able to have so much fun camping now that it is Springtime!

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own campfire art you will need the following:

*Blue construction paper for mounting

*Brown construction paper

*Yellow, orange, and red crepe paper



How to make this craft

To create your campfire art follow these steps:

1. Take your blue construction paper and lay it down.

2. Cut your brown construction paper into strips so they look like firewood.

3. Glue your brown construction paper onto the blue construction paper.

4. Take your yellow, orange, and red crepe paper. Rip them into strips.

5. Glue your yellow, orange, and red crepe paper above the brown firewood.

6.Wait for the glue to dry.

7. Show everyone your campfire art!

Source for photos: Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center

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Campfire Art for Springtime
March 29, 2021
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