Candy Corn Measuring Activity

National Candy Corn Day happens every year on October 30th.

Christ the Rock Preschool in Rockford, Illinois, celebrated the holiday by decorating their bat templates and then using candy corn as a method of measurement to check how much distance was between each bat from wing-to-wing.

By laying-out their candy corn horizontally and side-by-side the students could calculate how many candy corns long the bats were. Your students can do activity too with the template below!

Christ the Rock Preschool, Rockford, Illinois

Bat Silhouette Template

This free printable download is perfect to use for the candy corn measuring activity. There are three different sizes of bats which students can draw or color upon for for fun (and to personalize), followed by using pieces of candy corn so that they can measure just how long each of the bats are. Plus, once students are done measuring the bats they can eat the candy corn the used as a yummy treat!

Free Printable

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