Cardboard Box Cars for Preschool Students

Katie Hays
Cardboard Box Cars for Preschool Students

Cardboard Box Cars for Preschool Students

One fun craft activity is taking a normal brown box and through imagination and some DIY-skills turning it into a cardboard box car!

At Kids on Track Preschool all the students loved it and had fun, "Driving," their cars with the attached craft steering wheels.

What You Need

  • Paper Plate
  • Empty Cardboard Paper Towel Roll
  • Tape or Glue

Any other craft supplies you want to use--markers, stickers, paint, glitter, whatever!

How To Make Your Own Cardboard Box Car

1. Let the students decorate their car with whatever craft supplies they want--they can make their cardboard box car look like a certain type of car or whatever they can imagine!

2. Help you preschoolers glue or tape their cardboard paper towel roll to their car on one end and then at the other attach the steering wheel for them to get to play with so they can pretend to drive!

Ideas for Extra Fun

For even more excitement show a film and let the preschoolers sit in their, "Cars," as if they are pretending to be at a drive-in movie.


Have students sit in their car at lunchtime or with a snack so they can pretend they are at a drive-in restaurant and eating their meal!

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Cardboard Box Cars for Preschool Students
September 3, 2019
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