Caterpillar-To-Butterfly Sequencing Activity

At St. Michael School in Schererville, Indiana, their student, Scarlett, did a fun sequencing activity with her Dad and shared it with the school’s Facebook page! They made images of the life-cycle of a caterpillar and the process it goes through in order to become a butterfly and you can do this at home too!

Doing Your Own Caterpillar-To-Butterfly Sequencing Activity

You can make your own sequencing activity by thinking about what a caterpillar does to become a butterfly and drawing it step-by-step. This student based everything on the book, “The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar.” before pasting all the steps in a sequence. They did each individual fruit as well as the day the caterpillar ate a lot of food, the day it ate just a leaf, and how it then transformed into a butterfly. You can base your caterpillar-to-butterfly sequencing activity on the book too or do your own unique version!

Photo Credit: St. Michael School

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