Celebrating Earth Day

Teacher Annie
Celebrating Earth Day

To carry out this activity you will need:

1. Story or book about recycling. This time I selected the story: Biscuit's Earth Day Celebration.

2. An aluminum can, an egg carton, a plastic bottle, a toilet paper roll carton and a foam cup.

Safety note: For the aluminum can use a can opener that does not leave the cut part of this sharp (cutting, if you do not have one of these, at all times supervise the child while working with this or other material that can be dangerous).

3. A piece of flat cardboard.

4. Feathers, paints, colored foam, pipe cleaners and other materials for crafts that you have available.

To start our activity, the first thing we did was read the story Biscuit's Earth Day Celebration and talk about it. Then we went to the park where he had previously left the recyclable waste that we were going to use for the craft. The children upon arrival were surprised to see garbage lying on the ground and they quickly picked it up and placed it in our recycling basket.

We then went inside and began our work of creating new things with the recyclable materials. For the activity we decided to create animals in their habitat, thus celebrating animal life on our planet. First we painted the flat cardboard to be the floor of our model. In it we paint a sea and land. Using the can we create an elephant, with the lower part of the plastic bottle we create the shell for a turtle, we use the cardboard toilet paper roll to create a trunk for a tree, with one of the egg carton spaces we create an little bird and with the foamy glass we created a whale and a penguin.

Note: For this activity you can use these recyclable materials or any other that you have available, in the same way you can create these or other animals such as a caterpillar with the egg carton, an octopus with the aluminum can and many other things that you can perform using your creativity.

Celebrating Earth Day
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Celebrating Earth Day
April 29, 2023
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