Celebrating the Start of In-Person Learning

Celebrating the Start of In-Person Learning

Celebrating the Start of In-Person Learning

At Once Upon a Preschool, they were excited to welcome the children back for in-person learning! Many schools started the year remotely but children are starting to come back and all kinds of fun activities can be done together now! One of the first activities can be seen above as everyone made nameplates! That was just one of the many great things the kids could do with in-person learning resuming.

In-person playground fun

Being in-person allowed the kids to all play together in a variety of ways, such as on the playground!

A new way of seeing things

Everyone studied the world through magnification lenses.

Letter matching

The kids did worksheets of letter-matching!

F is for frog

The children enjoyed learning how the word, "Frog," starts with an F and painted pictures of frogs!

Lines of stickers

The kids traced lines, but used stickers instead of crayons or markers!

Group coloring

The kids loved being able to color in a group. It was yet another fun in-person activity they could do now that everyone was back at school! Hopefully, everyone can stay safe and the fun will continue the rest of the school year!

Source for photos:Once Upon a Preschool

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Celebrating the Start of In-Person Learning
October 25, 2020
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