Celebration of Fall

We have been loving our celebration of this autumn season. Leaves galore. I have been slowly adding loose parts into our work time. My classroom is a mix of many philosophies. Also, I enjoy offering the children many different ways to build a child’s skills.  For some children, I am introducing new skills, such as cutting with a scissors, for the first time. When one of our little guys learned to cut, he giggled every time he cut his leaf. Pure joy and a great feeling for a teacher.

I also like to introduce letters as they are relevant to our studies. For this unit we introduced the letter L. This helps the children make a connection from what they are being immersed in and the abstract concept of letters.

Loose parts play for children to run with their creativity. These are wool balls, canning lids, rocks, wooden spools, and large popsicle sticks.

An invitation to play

A child’s work using the lose parts.

Fall colored buttons on a pipe-cleaner tree. Great fine motor skills at work here.

Cutting leaves. Scissor skills, many of the children are just learning proper scissor grip.

Adding scissors to our autumn “found in nature” sensory bin.

Painting Fall trees with cotton swab bundles.

Translucent leaves and pumpkins sort on the light table.

Letter work on the light table with leaf erasers.

Same concept but on the table on a red plastic placemat.

Our fall sensory bin with pine cones, acorns, apples, and leaves.

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Author: Jenny Edwards

I have been teaching for twenty years, ten of those in Pre-K. Currently I have started a free preschool for students for families set in a community center. This is the second free preschool I have started. The first was set in a library and is award winning and has been nationally recognized. I delight in educating children and preparing a trusting, warm, and safe environment for them. It is a honor to be teaching our youngest scholars and setting them on their academic path. You can follow my Instagram and Facebook page: @FUNdamentalsofpreschool

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