Creativity Challenges for Kids to Do at Home

.Grace Robinson
Creativity Challenges for Kids to Do at Home

These, "Challenges," are great fun for children to do with their parents at home. They encourage all kinds of creative thinking and utilizing one's imagination.

"This is Not a Box," Challenge

At Banks Elementary School in Kinston, North Carolina, the students in the third grade class of Mrs. Southerland watched a video of a reading of the book, "This is Not a Box." The book was created by Antoinette Portis and encourages the reader to imagine a plain brown box as something else--anything from a hot hair balloon to a puppy, to anything else!

You can do this activity with your child at home by taking these pictures of boxes below and printing them out. Simply click the picture, print it after it loads at full-size, and then work with your child to create something fun from their imagination!

To print these pictures simply click on each desired picture and then print it once it loads at its full-size!

Cylinder Creative Stacking Challenge

At Banks Elementary school they also did a fun stacking challenge that had the students in the first-grade classes of Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Leal thinking hard about what cylinder-shaped objects were in their home they could stack! You can do this with your child too by taking anything from chip containers to soda cans, jars, and anything else! Just be careful not to break anything while being creative!

Banks Elementary School
Kinston, NC, United States

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Creativity Challenges for Kids to Do at Home
April 4, 2020
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