Christmas Sensory Bin

Christmas Sensory Bin

Prelude to Christmas theme this week! And for our sensory bin exploration,  we dyed pasta noodles using Christmas colors red and green with drops of peppermint extract. The kids loved scooping them from one cup to another and even sorting the colors out. 

We also added some cinnamon sticks and ohhh, kids loved the smell of it. One kid even said, “Ahhh, I want a cinnamon bun right now!”  And what imagination they have, they used the stick to stir and as a pretend straw for their “holiday” drink.

Lastly, one main piece that we incorporated is some cedar leaves which the kids loved feeling the texture of and smelling it. Ahhh, we are indeed feeling and smelling the holiday season here!

Cedar leaves, cinnamon sticks, pine cone, dyed pasta.

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