Christmas-Themed Worksheets

Christmas-Themed Worksheets

Christmas-Themed Worksheets

These worksheets are all themed for the Christmas season and are great to do with students during the month of December.

"Merry Christmas," word search

Find and color the letters on the picture. They will say, "Merry Christmas," One image is the page itself to color, the other is a sample for comparing to the result.

Gingerbread patterns

This worksheet has patterns with gingerbread people. You need to cut out and paste the images at the bottom where they belong to do this worksheet.

Christmas tracing worksheet

These images below are associated with Christmas and have lines to trace!

Giftwrap matching worksheet

Choose the right packaging for each gift and connect the matching items with lines.

Snowglobe patterns

This worksheet has snowglobesYou need to cut out and paste the images at the bottom where they belong to do this worksheet.

Christmas Tree Graph

Color the squares according to the legend at the bottom of the picture. They will make a Christmas tree. The second picture can be compared with the main sheet to be sure everything was filled out correctly.

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Christmas-Themed Worksheets
December 9, 2020
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