Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

.Abigail Miller
Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

This craft is great for kids who want to paint and decorate their very own little Christmas tree! At Mini Miracles Child Care & Preschool in Salisbury, Missouri, the class had so much fun. Your class can do it too by using some easy-to-acquire materials!

Materials Needed for the Christmas Tree

To do this craft you will need.

  • A wooden cut-out of a tree (found in many craft stores)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Green paint (tempera works well)
  • Decorative items to put on the tree
  • Glue

Making the Christmas Tree

Begin by taking the wooden cut-out and painting it green. You can make it a lighter green or use a lot of paint to make it darker.

Wait for the paint to dry.

Once the paint has dried you can glue your decorative items to the tree! They will look like little ornaments!

Your Christmas tree craft is done and can be displayed for all to enjoy!

Mini Miracles Child Care & Preschool
Salisbury, Missouri 65281

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Christmas Tree Craft for Kids
December 10, 2019
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