Circle Sun Catchers

Sabrina Osborne
Circle Sun Catchers

Circle sun catchers are a fun way for students to learn how to identify and create circles. Circle sun catchers always come out super cute and students are proud of their creations.

To make circle sun catchers is very easy.

The materials you will need are: (1) clear contact paper, and (2) tissue paper.

Cut out individual sheets of clear contact paper and trace a circle on the clear side of the contact paper. Before giving to the student you must take the non-clear side of the paper off. This will make the clear side very sticky, so sticky it will attach to anything!

You may want to warn students before they start placing the tissue paper circles or anything else on the contact paper that it is very sticky and it is very hard for things to come off! Next, cut out your tissue paper circles. Make sure to create different sizes and use different colors. Give your students quite a few of each size and color. The more colors and sizes, the cuter the outcome!

When students are done, use another sheet of contact paper and carefully place it over the student's work. If you do not place it correctly it will bubble and wrinkle. If it does bubble and wrinkle, you may slowly take off the contact paper and start again, but be wary! The contact paper may rip the tissue paper if you peel it too fast. Lastly, follow your original circle outline, hole punch where desired, and use a small amount of string to be able to hang the sun catcher.

You may write each student's name in sharpie on the sun catcher.

Circle Sun Catchers
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Circle Sun Catchers
September 27, 2020
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