Circus Week at Preschool

Circus Week at Preschool

Circus Week at Preschool

All 'Bout Children Preschool had a circus week! The kids loved talking about how circuses are full of fun attractions and then did some circus-related stuff in their class too! As can be seen above, face painting was an enjoyable choice!

Cotton candy

Circuses always have tasty treats and one popular snack at the circus is cotton candy. The kids were amazed as they watched it get made and were eager to chomp down on some!

Balloon popping

The circus usually is full of balloons. Everyone took turns picking up balloons are trying to pop them. They made such a loud and exciting sound when they burst!

Temporary tattoos

The kiddos were excited to get temporary tattoos. They couldn't wait to head home and show their parents their cool designs upon their arms!

Source for photos: All 'Bout Children Preschool

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Circus Week at Preschool
August 27, 2021
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