“Clean Toys,” Sensory Bin for Toddlers

At Little Discoveries Daycare in Bartonsville, Pennslyvania they had a great time doing a sensory bin for cleaning their toys! It is something you can do at home too so that your toddler learns about how to keep their toys free of germs!

How to Do Your Own “Clean Toys,” Sensory Bin

Doing your own, “Clean Toys,” sensory bin simply requires toys that can get wet, a tub full of water, and soap! You can talk with your toddler about the difference between, “Clean,” and, “Dirty.”

This discussion can include how when we play with toys outside or have messy hands (like with food) they are, “Dirty,” but after washing them off they are, “Clean.”

Next, gather your toys to wash and discuss how they need to be cleaned. Wash them in the sensory bin with soap and water, then set them out or use a towel to dry them off.

When done you can talk about how we can keep our toys clean by avoiding getting them dirty, but how sometimes it is okay to get dirty as long as afterward, we get things clean!

Picture Source: Little Discoveries Daycare

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Author: .Evelyn Harris