Collaborative Art Activity For Little Ones

Collaborative Art Activity For Little Ones

Collaborative Art Activity For Little Ones

At Curious Kids Preschool, they engaged in a collaborative art activity with their two-year-old class. The idea was to focus on the process as opposed to the final art product, encouraging collaboration and teamwork to make something everyone contributed to. Once this collaborative art was done it was proudly displayed, with every child able to be proud of their part of the creation!

Teaching Collaboration to Little Ones

Two-year-olds tend to be very self-focused and driven by what they want for themselves. By teaching collaboration to such young children it can help them begin to learn about the importance of taking turns, sharing, and other life skills. These are key lessons to impart to children as soon as they can start understanding them, so this collaborative art activity was a fantastic idea!

Source for photos:Curious Kids Preschool

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Collaborative Art Activity For Little Ones
September 30, 2020
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