Color Coordinating and Rainbow Rockets

Holly Williams
Color Coordinating and Rainbow Rockets

I'm currently homeschooling my 3 year old daughter. As part of our "space week" we made rainbow rocket ships out of construction paper.

I made lines on the construction paper for the essential places she should cut. I then assisted her cutting using a pair of preschool training scissors. This helped her develop muscle strength as well as provided cutting practice.

Next, she glued the shapes into place. I assisted briefly to help her keep them straight, so that the end result was a rainbow rocket. Rather than utilizing an orange piece of construction paper at the bottom, we bought a very curly orange ribbon. This gave the appearance of fire streaming out of the rocket as it blasts off.

Next, she decorated the rocket. We purchased some space stickers from Dollar Tree. She selected an astronaut for each part of the rocket ship. Finally, she decorated each section with foil stars. Since the stars come in silver, blue, green, gold, and red, she was able to color coordinate the stars onto each section of her rocket. She placed silver stars on the purple section, blue stars in the blue section, green stars in the green section, gold stars in the yellow section, and finally red stars in the red section.

At the end she was proud of her color coordinated rocket that she made by herself. It was a very inexpensive material cost but provided: fine motor development (gluing, sticker placement, cutting practice, and color coordination practice. Most of all though, she had fun.

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Color Coordinating and Rainbow Rockets
October 17, 2021
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