Color Matching Game for Toddlers

This color-matching game is a freebie that toddlers in pre-K are sure to love!

It works where you have the printed-out images that are a certain color and shape. Then, there are also big empty paint cans that are differing colors and have outlines of the colorful images that can fit within them. The kids take the colorful object and match it with the correct color and spot in the paint-can to do this fun game!

Color Matching Free Printables

Sample of the Printables

There are 14 sheets total of all the colorful objects and paint cans.

Click here to learn how you can download this game for free

The total colors included are blue, green, orange, red, black, brown, yellow, and purple. By doing this game toddlers can learn more about colors and how to be sure that certain shapes, “Fit,” properly as the matching colors also have a specific spot within the paint cans they belong within.


Click here to learn how you can download this game for free

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