Color Mixing and Color Celebration

We have just finished our celebration of color in our classroom. We focused lately on mixing primary colors to create new colors. We also explored many color sorting activities. I love how our different activities build the fine motor skills of the students and also enlarge their repertoire of process art techniques.

Getting ready to mix our yellow and red play dough,

Mixing yellow and red paint to make orange paint.

Squishing yellow and red paint to create an orange masterpiece.

Our color mixing sensory bottles. I used colored lamp oil and colored water and then added metal objects so the children use the magnetic wands with them.

Blue and yellow play dough to make green.

Rolling yellow and blue paint and creating green in the middle.

Mixing red and blue paint using a block covered in bubble wrap.

In the process of creating our purple stamped art.

Walking rainbow experiment.

Sorting bottle caps.

Group collage set up

Finished group collage art

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Author: Jenny Edwards

I have been teaching for twenty years, ten of those in Pre-K. Currently I have started a free preschool for students for families set in a community center. This is the second free preschool I have started. The first was set in a library and is award winning and has been nationally recognized. I delight in educating children and preparing a trusting, warm, and safe environment for them. It is a honor to be teaching our youngest scholars and setting them on their academic path. You can follow my Instagram and Facebook page: @FUNdamentalsofpreschool

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