Color Search Activity For Preschool Students

At South Ferriby Preschool in South Ferriby, England they thought-up a very fun color search activity for their kids! The idea was taking the colors of the rainbow and then finding items within the household that matched that color search.

To make things a little more complicated for older children they added a word to make it word search too. For example, if the color is red and the letter is A, children need to find something that is red within their house that starts with the letter A as well, like a bright red apple.

Doing the Color Search Activity

To do the activity you can list out all of the colors and (optionally) the letters to search for as well. You can list things out one at a time as well if you don’t want to overwhelm your kids. Once they know what they’re looking for have them search in the house for a matching color (and letter, if you’re doing that too).

At South Ferriby Preschool in South Ferriby, England

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