Color sorting Board

Marian Sembrano
Color sorting Board

Color sorting Board

Color Sorting BoardI made the board using colored folders and cut it into pieces. Add a plastic cover and velcro tapes. It has balls that that had the other side of velco tapes but my child preffers using his toys. It helps him distinguish colors without any pressure of learning. He just learns by means of playing. To make sure he says the right color I repeat after him. I don't meddle with his activity so I can watch his progress.

Materials used:

Colored Folders



Scotch tape

Plastic Cover


Velcro tapes


(colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink) I don't have Indigo color so I preffer pink.

The first step is to cut the board by the size you desire. It can be bigger or smaller.

Next is cut the colored folders with the same size for every color.

Put some glue on the back and stick it into the cardboard. Make sure to put some tape so it wont budge with the other color.

Cover it with platic cover and put the velcro tape and the board and the balls.

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Color sorting Board
August 27, 2021
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