Coloring book with your classroom

John smith
Coloring book with your classroom

Suggestions for the start of your lessons: The beginning of your lesson is extremely important: you set the tone of your lesson and get everyone in the right frame of mind for learning English. It is also an opportunity to check homework and review previous lessons. These activities can be done in the following order at the start of your lesson: 1. Welcoming Greet the students by name as they enter the classroom and gesture for them to sit down. If you have space on the floor, it’s a good idea to have a cushion for each student as this makes sitting arrangements easy to organize. Try and arrange the cushions beforehand spaced out in a fan-shape around you. 2. Name Tags Before class prepare some name tags (stickers or pin-on tags) with each student's name written in lower case letters. Sit down with your students and lay out the name tags in front of you. Pick up each tag and call out the name. Try and encourage each student to put their hand up and say "yes". Hand over the tags and help to pin / stick on. Later on as your students recognize their written names you can have each student in turn pick out their own name tag.

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Coloring book with your classroom
April 2, 2022
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