Colourful pompom cloud

Maria Cubero
Colourful pompom cloud

In this activity the child made a pompom cloud using colourful pompoms. First he practiced his cutting skills, as he cut out a white cloud silhouette that was found online. He glued it on a light blue construction paper (to imitate the morning sky) On a separate paper plate, he was provided with white glue. He was instructed to to dip the pompoms into the white glue and then paste the pompoms on the white cloud. As he added the pompoms he counted them and named each colour. He created patterns within the cloud. For example he used the following pattern as he glued the pompoms onto the cloud: big, small, big, small, big, small and it was very noticeable in his final master piece. He also loved feeling the texture of the pompoms and the texture of the white glue as it dried and peeled off from his fingers. This craft not only helped him practice the basic skills of cutting and gluing but also that of mathematics as noticed with his counting and pattern making.

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Colourful pompom cloud
March 14, 2021
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