Community Helpers Dramatic Play

Shanon Graham
Community Helpers Dramatic Play

I introduce new letters to my kindergarten class through dramatic play. Before the stations begin, we review the name of the letter, the sound it makes and give words that start with that letter. everyone is successful with the last part as they can state the station

After the station is complete, the students trace that letter in their station book before choosing a new station.These are some of the stations we have during our Community Helpers unit.

Community Helpers Dramatic Play

Here you can see students at the "e" stations. To begin with, we had e for easel and had a whiteboard easel and two chalkboard easels for free drawing. After a few weeks, /e/ for easel was replaced with /e/ for exercise. The third picture shows students at the w for workbench station. This one became part of the rotation to help student build association skills (as well as the letter w). They practiced with "hammer and nails", "screws and screwdrivers", "nuts and bolts".

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Community Helpers Dramatic Play
November 15, 2020
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