Connecting the letters in the alphabet

Olof Osk Oladottir
Connecting the letters in the alphabet

Learning the alphabet when you are 6 years old can be tricky. We try to do it in as varied ways, we listen to the letter, we draw the letter, we play with the letter and connect the letter with pictures. In workbook children learn how to write the letter and how it sounds, but it is so important to connect it with words the recoqnize. We try to put the work of the children in a area where everybody can see so they can tell there parents about their work, and they can talk together about what they did.

Connecting the letters in the alphabet

Here you can see the letter Ss as a sock (sokkar in icelandic). Here we also connecter the letters with math, they had been learning about patterns in math.

Her is the letter Ll as a leaf.

Rr for rain. And so we do for all the letters in the Icelandic alphabet. We did all so a great thing with their birthday, where they drew a picture about their birthday and then we hung it up. Here we are connecting learning about the letter Aa (afmæli in icelandic is birthday, the names of the months and also math, graphs and the day and the year the were born and also how many the months are. They can then count how many are born in the same month as they are and so on.

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Connecting the letters in the alphabet
October 28, 2020
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