Construction Paper Gingerbread People and Houses

Construction Paper Gingerbread People and Houses

Construction Paper Gingerbread People and Houses

At Trinity Preschool Mount Prospect, they didn't have actual gingerbread materials on-hand to build gingerbread people and houses. That was okay, however, as they used construction paper to create their gingerbread people and the houses they could live within!

Faux-gingerbread fun

Students had such a great time as they assisted in decorating a gigantic construction paper gingerbread person. They drew on it with markers, glued items onto it, and otherwise were very creative! Then, the kiddos used their scissors to cut their own little red houses and then some gingerbread people to glue to the house. It was a fun craft that was a lot less messy than using actual food to make the gingerbread people and their houses!

Source for photos: Trinity Preschool Mount Prospect

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Construction Paper Gingerbread People and Houses
December 21, 2021
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