Construction-Themed Sensory Fun!

Construction-Themed Sensory Fun!

Construction-Themed Sensory Fun!

Little Oaks Preschool at Mill Creek did some fun construction-themed sensory activities! They pretended to be construction workers and enjoyed imagining they were building!

Construction sensory bin

There was a sensory bin full of all the fun construction-themed items the students were going to play with!

Truck hauling

The students had little trucks they tried to fill up with as many supplies as possible. It taught them about weight and mass.

Alphabet cones

There were traffic cones with the letters of the alphabet upon them that helped the students with their alphabet skills.

Construction clothes

The kiddos dressed up just like construction workers. They looked very professional!

Source for photos: Little Oaks Preschool at Mill Creek

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Construction-Themed Sensory Fun!
December 1, 2021
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