Cotton ball & dropper painting!

Cotton ball & dropper painting!

Use soft and fluffy cotton ball and squeeze dropper to color your own ideas!

Use soft and fluffy cotton ball and squeeze dropper to color your own ideas!

Kids will enjoy using dropper for the first time. Even if they've used it before, I'm sure they will find this exciting :)

Kids glue cotton balls onto the pictures. Make sure they take enough time to feel how soft, and fluffy cotton ball feels. You may ask fun questions along the way too.

They can also drop colors and mix them in the cup,

then squeeze dropper to color cotton balls.

This activity is recommended to children from 4 to 8 years old.

They will also learn different names of colors.

You can match up this activity with any storybook you want. This will be a good after-reading activity.

It doesn't take much to prepare, all you need is cotton ball and dropper!

Fun and exciting way to paint! Use cotton ball and dropper to color your ideas!

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Cotton ball & dropper painting!
March 30, 2022
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