Counting activity

Counting activity

Counting activity

For this activity, students were given multiple envelopes. The students would first decorate the envelopes by coloring them using colors of their choice. Each envelope was assigned to a certain number, students had to identify this number. Using sticks they had to place the same number of wooden sticks in the envelope, but just before putting them in, they tied them together using a string, the students were also asked to color the wooden sticks in different colors of their liking. The students did a very good job, although some students needed some help from me at the start they soon got the hang of it and did not need my help.

Usually in an activity I make, I always and make sure that students have fun with this activity students found it fun to color. Sometimes I add competitions between each group of students which is also fun for them as they work together as a team.

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Counting activity
September 18, 2021
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