Crazy face: parts of the face game

Crazy face: parts of the face game

Hello, guys! Hope you are all doing great!

In this oportunity, I'm sharing with you this awesome game. It is easy and simple to make, all the materials are right next you at home or super easy to get, you just need: paper, colours and a sharpie. It is also a funny game to play and learn at the same time, because you just have to make different combinations of the parts of the face to create a crazy face while learning the name and the function of ich body part. I recomend this activity to kids from 2 years to 6 ore 7. This is one of my favorite activities with my students at the classroom because they really have a good time making funny and crazies faces! I use it when we are learning the parts of the face, body partes or when we are talk ing about the five senses and their organs.

Hope you like it and use it too! Believe, your kids will love it too and will have a good time! Enjoy it!

Crazy face: parts of the face game
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Crazy face: parts of the face game
November 13, 2020
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