Creating a Handprint Mosaic as a Class

Creating a Handprint Mosaic as a Class

Creating a Handprint Mosaic as a Class

At Pearland Kids Club, the class discussed how we all have different-sized hands, but they all do the same tasks for us. Even if we are different, we have things that unify us! After talking about this, the class made a mosaic of their handprints.

Getting their hands messy!

In order to do this mosaic, the class needed to get their hands a little messy! The students covered their hands in paint and then carefully pressed them upon the large piece of paper so as to make some beautiful handprints. Every student (who wanted to do so) got their painted hands imprinted on the sheet of paper!

A beautiful creation

The final product of the handprint mosaic was a gorgeous sight. Everyone did a fantastic job helping to create it.

Source for photos: Pearland Kids Club

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Creating a Handprint Mosaic as a Class
September 1, 2021
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