Creating Collages Out of Old Magazines

Creating Collages Out of Old Magazines

Creating Collages Out of Old Magazines

At Early Learning Center 2, the children had a fantastic time creating collages out of old magazines. The class talked about the art of collage and then took everything from fashion to food, to home & garden magazines that they then cut out images from and glued them onto paper that served as the mounting material.

Making gorgeous collages

The students had a lot of fun thinking about what kind of collages they wanted to make. Some designed a, "Dreamhouse," out of the images where they created a collage of a home with a pool, luxurious bed, and big television screens! Other kiddos made a, "Feast," of food where they used the collage to show a large and delicious meal of various food items. Some kids used the collage format to create their own, "Fashion spread," of beautiful clothes. The creativity on display was so fantastic!

Source for photos: Early Learning Center 2

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Creating Collages Out of Old Magazines
September 11, 2021
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