Creating Magic Milk Planets

Creating Magic Milk Planets

Creating Magic Milk Planets

At Mother Goose Daycare and Preschool, they learned all about planets and created their own recreations of our solar system with magic milk!

What is magic milk?

Proteins and fats are susceptible to changes. When the dish soap is added to milk, those molecules run around and try to attach to the fat molecules in the milk. You wouldn't see this without food coloring, but adding it results in quite the effect! The food coloring looks like fireworks because it's getting bumped around! This works to different degrees with 1%, 2%, and whole milk. You can note how it works as you study milk with dish soap and food dye!

Making the magic milk look like planets!

By using different color food dyes the children could simulate an assortment of planets. Red made a great Mars, and blue and green created a lovely Earth!

Source for photos: Mother Goose Daycare and Preschool

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Creating Magic Milk Planets
September 30, 2021
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