Creating our bird nest!

Teacher Annie
Creating our bird nest!

Creating our bird nest!


The activity that I share with you today is one of my favorites to do with the children since we work with elements of nature. The first thing we did was read a book on the subject of birds and nests. In this case, use the story that appears in the photo. The day before the activity collect wood twigs from the trees, leaves, straws and others. I was able to find an intact nest on the ground so I used it to introduce them to them. After reading the story and talking about the topic and asking questions, we began the activity of creating the nests. For the base use plasticine. The children had the opportunity to begin to place the different elements on the clay and create the nest, then I invited them to choose the figure of the bird they liked the most and they would place it in their nest.


Always carry out activities supervising children.

You can print and laminate pictures of different birds to place in the nest or ask the child to draw it.

Avoid touching, disturbing or knocking over nests in trees. Invite the children to observe them with binoculars.

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Creating our bird nest!
September 11, 2021
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