Creative Printables during lockdown

Lindie Pienaar
Creative Printables during lockdown

Creative Printables during lockdown.

As a mom currently homeschooling my daughter I have a need for creative printables to convey my message, seeing as I am not the best teacher.

Educating a three year old according to the current education requirements, can be tough to meet, but with creative ideas and graphics the process runs s lot smoother.

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect an excercise with a concept and even more difficult to convey the subject across, especially when you are a parent. So having fun well summarized concepts and themes, I found is key when teaching preschoolers and a lot of patience. Dont get me wrong it can be a very enjoyable process and with creative printables, even i get lost in play and learning. It also provides for bonding time when we build, paint, colour and work together to bring a theme to life.

And arts and crafts are great ways to teach creativitely while teaching difficult concept.

Fortunately for moms like me there are resources available.

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Creative Printables during lockdown
September 2, 2020
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