"Creepy Carrots," Lesson Plan Ideas

.Ava Jones
"Creepy Carrots," Lesson Plan Ideas

"Creepy Carrots," Lesson Plan Ideas

"Creepy Carrots," is one of my favorite books when it is the Halloween season! My class had so much fun with this book and I wanted to share with you what we did to help give you ideas for your lesson plans!

We did four days' worth of activities that involved the book and discussing what we read as well as activities related to the book.

Day 1: We read just part of the book and then we wrote and drew our predictions about what Jasper would do in the story!

Day 2: We read the whole book and finished the story. Then we sequenced out the events within the story in the order they happened.

Day 3: We created a story map together as a class.

Day 4: We all made our own creepy carrots, just look at all of this amazing learning!

Creepy Carrots Story Sequencing

Here are pictures of when we did our story sequencing!

Story Map

This is a picture of the story map the class made.

Our Creepy Carrots

These are the creepy carrots of our own we made on the fourth day. They look amazing!

"Creepy Carrots," Story Video

Here is a video of, "Creepy Carrots," being read by students that you can use in your classroom too if you want!


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"Creepy Carrots," Lesson Plan Ideas
October 19, 2019
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