Cut and Paste Activity

Cut and Paste Activity

Cut and Paste Activity

A week ago, I prepared material for my private student to do her assignment by put the suitable pattern based on the example that I given to her. I printed all the materials (paper for template and paper for the example) and I prepared a glue and a scissor. I have choose bugs for the template because children like an animal. This activity can make her focus so she can take the correct color as like follow the pattern that is like in the example that I have pasted in that paper. Also she can learn to cut based on a line, so she can cut like that shape. After finish do this activity, I asked her to write her name on that paper. She was very happy to do this activity because she like learn cut and paste activity and she likes some activity that related with animals. I asked her to do this activity alone because I want her to be responsible with her assignment.

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Cut and Paste Activity
March 2, 2022
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