CVC Word Board Game For Kids

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CVC Word Board Game For Kids

A CVC word is the term used for a word that happens to be made up of a consonant, vowel, and another consonant. For example, cat, tip, hot, man, and hut would all be CVC words.

It is important to learn about CVC words because in phonics it assists children with reading, writing, and the rhyming of three-letter words. CVC words in addition help introduce children to the art of reading by helping them first learn the sounds of individual letters before blending those sounds into a singular three-letter word.

Using CVC words is a great way to introduce younger students to Phonemic awareness, which means the ability to both hear and manipulate the sound within words.

CVC Word Board Game Printable

Get something to use as game pieces and a die. Then, take turns rolling the die and landing upon CVC words. When you land on one of the CVC words you can make it so players say the word pictured, say a rhyme with the CVC word, or whatever you want to do for creative fun!

+ Version with numbers

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free. Click here to learn more about how to download it.

Also, if you want to purchase the sheets you can do so by going to this website. 


List CVC Words

Below is a handy CVC word list to use as a reference.

CVC Words for Short a

ab: cab, dab, gab, jab, lab, nab, tab, 

at: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, vat, 

ad: bad, dad, had, lad, mad, pad, sad, tad, 

an: ban, can, fan, man, pan, ran, tan, van, 

ag: bag, gag, hag, lag, nag, rag, sag, tag, wag, 

ap: cap, gap, lap, map, nap, rap, sap, tap, yap, zap, 

am: bam, dam, ham, jam, ram, yam, 

Other: gal, pal, gas, yak, wax, tax, 

CVC Words for Short e

ed: bed, fed, led, red, wed, 

eg: beg, keg, leg, peg

et: bet, get, jet, let, met, net, pet, set, vet, wet, yet

en: den, hen, men, pen, ten

Other: yes, web, gem, hem, pep

CVC Words for Short i

it: bit, fit, hit, kit, lit, pit, sit, wit

id: bid, did, hid, kid, lid, rid

ig: big, dig, fig, gig, jig, pig, rig, wig, zig

im: dim, him, rim

ip: dip, hip, lip, nip, rip, sip, tip, zip

in: bin, din, fin, pin, sin, tin, win

Other: him, this, mix, six, fix

CVC Wordsfor Short o

ot: cot, dot, got, hot, jot, lot, not, pot, rot, tot

ob: cob, gob, job, lob, mob, rob, sob

og: bog, cog, dog, fog, hog, jog, log

op: cop, hop, mop, pop, top

Other: box, fox, pox, rod, sod, mom

CVC Words for Short u

ut: but, cut, gut, hut, jut, nut, rut, shut

ub: cub, hub, nub, rub, sub, tub

ug: bug, dug, hug, jug, lug, mug, pug, rug, tug

um: bum, gum, hum, mum, sum

un: bun, fun, gun, nun, pun, run, sun

ud: bud, cud, dud, mud

Other: pup, cup, bus

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