D.I.Y Cardboard Bus

richelle sapinoso
D.I.Y Cardboard Bus

D.I.Y Cardboard Bus

I'm not a teacher but a simply mother of a 3-year-old son. I love doing D.I.Y arts and crafts for my son.

So today. I made him a D.I.Y. cardboard bus.

I really enjoyed making the cardboard bus from colored papers, printed graphics for the passengers, and his own picture as a driver. He also contributed to gluing and making the wheels for his cardboard bus.

I used a ribbon to make it wearable.

He really likes and enjoys wearing it while singing the Wheels on the Bus song. I hope role-playing activities may boost his confidence in the future.

Looking forward to more D.I.Y arts, crafts, and activities!

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D.I.Y Cardboard Bus
May 16, 2023
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