Day and Night Sensory Sort PK3

Tracey Lee Tolson
Day and Night Sensory Sort PK3

Day and Night Sensory Sort PK3

Each year we attend the planetarium that is part of our school district and watch One World One Sky. It is an awesome show that introduces the students to the earth and sky around the world. To prepare we introduce many activities and stations to get the concept across.

One of our favorite activities is the day and night sensory tray. Instead of cutting out the pictures and using as a worksheet we cut apart things that happen in the day and night and place them in a tray of sand. Along with these pictures we place sun, moon and stars cookie cutters. The students have so much fun placing the pictures in the blue sand for the day and black sand for the night. When students finish the sorting they are able to use the cookie cutters with the super sand that is easily molded to form stars, suns and moons. These activities are some of our favorite. We hope we get a chance to do them again once COVID-19 clears.

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Day and Night Sensory Sort PK3
October 4, 2020
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