Daycare Label Pictures

Daycare Label Pictures

Daycare Label Pictures

These pictures are fantastic to use as labels. You can put these fun labels on cabinets or furniture with names of students so they know to associate a specific label with their name, to give one example. There are a total of 30 pictures of objects along with a spot to write a number of initials of a name.

Printable Lables

Below are the labels that you can print. If you use sticker paper these can be easy to peel off and stick where you want your labels to be.

These pictures can also be used for games related to memory development such as, "Memory." You just need to print these in duplicate.

You can also do a game where you store the pictures as wildlife/living versus inanimate objects.

How to Download for FREE

You can download these labels completely for free! Find out how at this link.

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Daycare Label Pictures
August 29, 2021
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