Dental Health Themed Preschool Activities and Crafts

Dental Health Themed Preschool Activities

Talking about teeth and dental health is very important as preschoolers need to know how to have good dental hygiene.

At Brighten Academy Preschool in Clovis, California, they did numerous fun activities and crafts related to dental health that allowed students to be creative and learn all about how to take proper care of their teeth!

Mouth Model

Students love making their own mouths out of construction paper, scissors, and some glue! Preschoolers can try to make a model based on their own mouth by counting how many teeth they think they have and then putting that many, “Teeth,” in their paper mouth!

Cotton Ball Tooth

This craft involves gluing cotton-balls onto a paper-tooth to symbolize how our teeth are protected by things like enamel and proper dental hygiene.

Cotton Ball Tooth

Spelling Teeth

We’ve all heard of, “Spelling bees,” but what about, “Spelling teeth?” Preschoolers can write a letter from their name on individual teeth and then put them together in a row to spell their name!

Spelling Teeth

Toothbrush-Related Crafts

A number of crafts can be done where students make their own toothbrush out of construction paper and any other craft-supplies around. Students can make a brush where they write about how their teeth feel after brushing on each, “Bristle,” or they can simply make their own wild-looking toothbrush that matches their personality (and color-in a container of toothpaste for fun too that goes with their brush).

Tooth Interior

This craft teaches students about the interior of teeth. Within our teeth we have the crown up top, followed by the nerves, a root for each tooth, and the gums all our teeth are situated in. Students can be encouraged to make their own model of a tooth out of anything from construction paper, to drawing one, or whatever they would like to do!

Tooth Interior

Tooth Brushing

Students can practice using toothpaste on a print-out of a mouth or a single tooth (they should be laminated to prevent a mess) to learn about how brushing your teeth helps with dental health. Using a real toothbrush and toothpaste they can spread it on the mouth or tooth just like they would bush at home.

Tooth Brushing
Tooth Brushing

Healthy or Not Healthy for Teeth Activity

Some foods are better for our teeth than others. Eating fruits and veggies is generally a lot better than how soda and ice cream covers teeth in sugars and other things that can hurt our dental health. By making a chart with pictures of foods and talking with students about what foods are better for our teeth than others they learn a lot about what kind of foods to eat or not eat.

Healthy and Unhealthy Teeth Craft

Much like the activity where students learn about what is good or not so great for the health of our teeth, for this craft students can have two teeth (one happy and one sad) where they put the foods better for dental health on the happy tooth and the less-healthful choices on the sad tooth.

Painting With Toothbrushes

A toothbrush does not have to be used just on teeth. They can make great paintbrushes too! Students will love using a toothbrush in a clever way to paint their own little masterpieces!

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