Dental Health Flossing Practice Activity

Dental Health Flossing Practice Activity

Dental Health Flossing Practice Activity

At The Goddard School, the preschool class was learning all about dental health! To help them visualize how important it is to floss they did a fun activity! The kiddos put Play-Doh in between the bottom of an ice cube tray and once it was stuck on they used yarn that was run through the tray to, "Floss." It was a clever way to encourage dental hygiene in these youngsters and to assist them in seeing how flossing helps get things that only brushing your teeth doesn't take care of.

Materials needed for this activity

To do this flossing practice activity you need the following:


*Ice cube tray

*Strand of yarn

How to do this activity

To do the flossing practice activity follow these steps:

1. Flip the ice cube tray upside-down.

2. Take your Play-Doh and stick pieces of it between the trays segments. Squish them in there!

3. Pick up your strand of yarn and hold it in each hand.

4. Run the yarn through the ice cube trays as if you were flossing.

5. Watch how the, "Flossing," helps remove the Play-Doh that was stuck to the ice cube tray!

Source for photos: The Goddard School

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Dental Health Flossing Practice Activity
February 26, 2021
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