Dental Health-Themed Letter Matching Worksheets for Kids

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These worksheets are a fantastic way to help your children learn about the importance of healthy dental care habits while also reviewing letters and doing letter-matching!

The three worksheets all feature visuals of teeth being brushed and can help to facilitate a conversation about the importance of tooth-brushing.

Besides the visuals, there is a guide that requests for the kids to fill-in each letter’s circle a matching color. Kids then need to search the worksheets for any letters that match and color them in the correct color.

These worksheets help them be able to find letters and recognize them even if they are uppercase/lowercase or in a different font.

Dental Health-Themed Letter Matching Printables

Below are the three printable worksheets with the letter matching activities. The worksheets can be filled-out with crayons, colored pencils, markers, or whatever you have with the needed colors. Before, after, or while doing the worksheets you can talk about both dental health and letter-matching!

How to Download the Printables

The package with all files can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here to learn more about how to download it at no cost to you!

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website 

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